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This year sees a new direction for my artwork to go in. I love to depict representational artwork as it allows the viewer to evoke memories of a place or scene which they are familiar with. Towards the end of 2021 I built up a relationship via a chance meeting whilst playing tennis with a friend. This led to working with Mark Applegate from the Gator Card Company from Stroud who has started to license my artwork.

I have also collaborated with Rachel from Tewkesbury Tourist Centre to design images for a new bespoke giftware range to sell in her outlet in Tewkesbury. Initially, we had built up a relationship by posting paintings and sketches of Tewkesbury on Instagram, Rachel often posted comments and started to follow me. 

Rachel had wanted to open the Tourist Centre after Covid 19 with a completely new range of giftware aimed at all price ranges. It allowed my artwork to become more visible and recognizable and really helped to make Tewkesbury a new tourist hotspot.

Other projects have developed since and these are in the early stages of the licensing journey. An opportunity came up recently to be exclusively commissioned to paint Tewkesbury Abbey and to allow it to be applied to a new giftware range for its shop within the Abbey. A challenge that I was prepared to take on as it involved lots of preparation work in the form of sketches and visits to get familiar with the architecture. To portray Tewkesbury Abbey in a new light and yet to be recognizable to the customer. 

With the support of Mark Applegate from Gator Card Company Rachel was able to have an extensive range of products from posters, framed prints, bags, tags, and bookmarks. The range has been introduced ready for the Easter holidays and the start of the holiday season and for visitors to the town to explore the Abby and Tewkesbury as a whole.

Collaborating with Mark from the Gator Card Company has helped me work to a deadline and see my artwork in a new light and add value to new heritage attractions.