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Having studied a degree in Maidstone and worked in Graphic Design in London, I decided to move back to my home town of Malvern in Worcestershire.

I currently live in Cheltenham. I combine my passion for painting combined with a traditional hand drawn approach to design. The ability to visualise an idea or concept on paper rather than on computer.

I always loved visiting heritage attractions, historic buildings and waterway scenes from a young age. 

I like to create a mood board with visuals based on my preferred subject matter by visiting the location, reading about the area, taking photos and drawing sketches with a combination of printed images.

Secondly sketching possible angles or sketches which can form a good composition as a painting. Often in the sketchbook using oil pastels, pens or acrylic paint with a far looser style

I form a collection of similar sketches that I am happy with and all are different in design but have a common relationship between each other.

I take the development a stage further by combining the painting to a more commercial designed product which adds variety and accessibility to everyone to purchase on a variety of products.

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